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Employee Compensation and Benefits During Uncertainties

Business closures and interruptions due to recent environmental and economic concerns have been unfortunately frequent. As a small business or employer, you too may be faced with questions about employee compensation and group health insurance coverage. Although governmental relief measures have been helping out some businesses and individuals, a lot of people will still have to abide by the rules surrounding employee rights. To clear things up a little, here’s a brief overview of what you should know about employee salaries and benefit coverage.


  • Employees are generally not paid for time spent not working

  • Exceptions apply to exempt employees who work for just part of the workweek and for those employees who are eligible for paid leave

  • Employers may provide leave beyond what is required

  • Employees may be eligible for expanded unemployment benefits

  • Partial compensation may have to provided to those employees who need to care for themselves or children under specific circumstances


  • Whether employees remain eligible for benefits while not working depends strictly on the terms of the health plan they’re enrolled in

  • Benefit eligibility depends on the actual reason why the employee isn’t working

  • State or insurance carrier guidelines might provide additional flexibility for group health plans

While there is still much debate on the topic of paid leave, unemployment, and benefit coverage during these times, a lot will be left up to you, the employer. Do not hesitate to reach out to your trusted experts at NY Small Health who will help you navigate the best route for both you and your team.

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