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Get Up, Get Out, and Get Over 2020

After almost a whole year of being asked to stay indoors, it can be hard to get used to going outside again. But going outside and getting some fresh air and sunlight are key to building your immunity and fighting off all kinds of viruses and illnesses. The Department of HEalth and Human Services recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Break it down and that’s 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

But knowing is different from doing, and actually being active when you have to work from home, do chores, and relax can be hard. Here’s a list of ways to help you get started:

Start slowly

Do only what you feel like doing. Simple warm up exercises, walks, and not very intense workouts will help you feel energized without exhausting you to the point you don’t feel like working out the next day.

Break it up

You may feel so out of shape or pumped that you want to do everything all at once. Don’t. Multiple short sessions in the form of early morning HIIT workouts, afternoon walks, and taking the dog out in the evening will not only give you more time in the day to handle your other commitments, but they will help you stay active throughout the day.

Get creative

Monotone can get...well, monotonous. Exercise doesn’t have to happen only in the gym. Find things that you enjoy doing; could be dancing, biking, or working out with a buddy over a Zoom call. Peloton bikes also help you feel like you’re not alone if you need to work out before sunrise.

Listen to your body

Only you know your body best. If things are starting to get too much and you feel pain or get dizzy, don’t push yourself no matter what anyone else says. Pushing yourself too hard can do much more damage than taking a break until you feel better.

Be flexible with your schedule

When you’re not feeling well, it’s OK to take a few days off and recover. Give yourself permission to take care of your body, and jump right back into it when you can.

Whether you own a business or you’re an employee, taking care of your health and body is your prerogative and right. Staying ahead of the curve by exercising, eating nutritiously, and resting well will save you a lot on huge medical bills. But you can’t predict everything - and that’s where health insurance has your back. Getting the right kind of insurance is where it gets tricky. Talk to an insurance consultant like NY Small Health, who works with companies like OSCAR and makes it easy for you to shop for health insurance that actually makes sense, while also handing you rewards just for staying active!

To learn more, visit NY Small Health and find out how they can help you today.

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