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Prevent Burnout Through Meaningful Connections

Finding the best small group health insurance in NY isn't the only thing you should be concerned about as a small business owner. Burnout—a state of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion—has always been an issue in the workforce. Still, it has become more prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and business owners should be diligent in recognizing the signs.

As a result, now more than ever, people are increasingly anxious and stressed. According to Mental Health America, the number of people who sought help for anxiety during 2020 increased by 93% from the previous year. As such, it is vital to address these feelings to prevent burnout in your business.

One way to avoid burnout is by establishing meaningful connections with co-workers and managers. According to research from Harvard University Professor Shawn Achor, the people who handle stress the best are those who focus on their social connections during difficult times. Consider the methods outlined in this article to cultivate relationships that will help you fight burnout.

Discuss Your Well-being

Some companies host weekly wellness check-ins where employees can voice their current concerns. If your company is not already doing this, consider reaching out to HR to inquire about setting it up. If you have the opportunity to discuss your employees well-being, it is a good idea to provide the space to see how your employees feel.

Even if you don't find a resolution to some issues, letting your workforce know your there for them can help you determine how much work to give or understand why their performance may be different than it otherwise would be.

Talk to Your Employees

While your workers may not want to share all of their struggles, checking in on their well-being is essential. When you understand more about how those you work with are feeling, you are in a position to understand their actions and performance better.

This will help them feel less stressed when they are not performing at their peak, and it will also help them feel seen by you. Ultimately, checking in with your workers is crucial in improving workplace communication, which often leads to less stress and burnout.

Stay Connected

Having the option to work remotely can be beneficial in preventing burnout. Whether you are tired from the commute length, are apprehensive about returning to work due to ongoing COVID-19 risks, or have other concerns, flexible work arrangements may help remedy these issues.

However, staying connected is vital when you aren't physically working around others. Consider scheduling times to speak with friends during your day or joining any team events your company may host. Connecting with others can prevent you from feeling isolated when you are not working on-site and, in turn, help you fight burnout.

Amid the pandemic, workplace feelings of stress and anxiety have increased, posing additional burnout concerns. Fortunately, you can help prevent burnout by instilling these practices as well as supporting your workers with the proper health care insurance.

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