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What Does HR Do & How NYSmallHealth Can Help

Updated: May 14, 2020

What Does HR Do in Your Company?

The Added Core Responsibilities of HR & the HR Resources Provides with the Website Portal to Manage Them

In today’s business world, the human resource department is regarded as the backbone of an organization - and it is easy to see why.

When asking yourself, "What does HR do," know that it must require working with other departments. The human resources department is responsible for an extensive list of duties that is pertinent to the overall success of any business – whether big or small. Therefore the human resource department is vital to an organization's success.

Human Resources Responsibilities

In recent years, small businesses have experienced an expansion of their human resource department core duties which now includes more than simply passing out paychecks, processing, onboarding of new employees as well as attracting and retaining quality employees.

In addition to all of that, human resource personnel must also be able to handle disputes, complaints of racism, sexism, conflicts in the workplace, effective employee benefit programs, maternity leave, union contracts, vacation policies and so much more.

With certain larger companies, the human resource department is also responsible for more administrative day-to-day tasks, or high-level strategic problem-solving. But whether large or small, the Human resource department is there to offer help and support to employees.

The Unfortunate Truth and How the NYSmallhealth Solution Can Provide HR Resources to Solve Your Problems

Unfortunately, due to the numerous different responsibilities the human resource department has to assume these days, it has stretched itself thin and often fails to function at its highest level.

However, the HR staff can stay on top of these latest changes by having a good management solution. offers an employee portal website, which allows companies to manage HR functions and benefits, as well as improve employee communication efforts. Among the many exciting features, this portal can do is track employee’s vacation days, benefit elections and access to forms and important company and employee benefit information.

With this portal, human resources personnel can simply enter the data into the system and it will automatically update the database. For instance, if the number of vacation days of an employee has changed, other human resource personnel can find out how many vacation days are left by simply checking the portal.

The system also saves specialists within the company time because they can handle questions and inquiries in less time and share this knowledge by simply updating the system.

Besides in this digital era, having quick access to data is a plus. The portal gives you an edge in terms of managing your HR functions and key information about employees are just one click away.

Wrapping it up

With the increasing amount of duties human resource personnel have to assume these days, the possibility for errors and less than desirable results have become far too common. As a small business, you may be clueless about how to fix this on your own, but NYSmallHealth can help you organize your small business human resource duties with the employee portal website.

So, are you ready to supercharge your human resource management solution with our NYSmallHealth HR Resources?  Ready to go from overworked to neatly organized and updated?

Then it’s time to get to work with us. Contact us today at +1-212-5483941 or e-mail Michael Jakob (

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