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Unum, the umbrella company for Colonial LIfe, is one of the oldest companies in the insurance industry, meeting the insurance needs of America since the Civil War.

Living or owning a business in New York state is expensive – making it even more important for you to buy life insurance. The high costs of living in NY means people may have even more trouble making ends meet if something happens to you or their primary breadwinner.

Unum became one of the first companies to offer disability insurance, carving out a name for itself in helping employees protect themselves and employers in managing their benefits and budgets.

Advantages of Voluntary Benefits

Flexibility in using
claim payments


Intact coverage

Continued Convenience

Why should you consider Unum?

Firstly, Unum is a leader in life insurance, disability, accident, and other supplemental insurance benefits. It is well-known and trusted in providing a variety of insurance coverages, especially catered to recovering employees trying to get back on the job as soon (and inexpensively) as possible. From childbirth to accidents and short-term illnesses, Unum has you and your team covered. 

Unum insurance products and voluntary benefits usually flow through employers, as most users purchase their insurance via their employers. How can you ensure that you’re receiving enough coverage for your team? Unum offers various online tools and resources to direct you towards learning more and purchasing the right type and amount of insurance coverage.

NY Small Health works with Unum, a Fortune 500 company, to help small businesses provide insurance and voluntary benefits to employees at the best available premium rates in the market.

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Find out if Unum is the right fit for your small business by contacting us today. 

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