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Aflac is the industry leader in supplemental or voluntary insurance products and benefits.

Living or owning a business in New York state is expensive – making it even more important for you to buy life, disability, accident &/or cancer insurance. The high cost of living in NY means people may have even more trouble making ends meet if something happens to them or the family's primary breadwinner. 

The reality is that almost half of employees say they aren’t prepared to pay the out-of-pocket expenses that would result if they suffered an unexpected illness or accident. In fact, over 80 percent of employees see a growing need for voluntary insurance benefits. And most employees believe the rising costs of medical services have created a need for voluntary insurance benefits.

Advantages of Voluntary Benefits

Flexibility in using
claim payments


Intact coverage

Continued Convenience

With supplementary benefits ranging from cancer treatment to pet insurance, Aflac aims to help employers support their employees through a well-rounded benefits package, with added flexibility in benefits with no employer contribution. Aflac can offer cash benefits to employees which can be used to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, and protect their productivity and let your team focus on work by relieving their financial stress.

NY Small Health works with Aflac to help small businesses in New York provide well-suited insurance and voluntary benefits to employees at the best available premium rates in the market.

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Find out if Aflac is the right fit for your small business by contacting us today. 

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