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A State of Mind: The Growth of Telehealth Usage in America

It’s not surprising that the way we live our lives has been significantly impacted in the last two years by COVID-19 restrictions. One aspect, however, that has been especially transformed is the way healthcare is accessed: telehealth has gone from being virtually non-existent to showing a 7060% (yes, that’s not a typo) increase in usage between 2019 and 2020.

A recent study by FAIR Health found various key trends relating to the type of health care services used, gender-based usage differences, and location-based usage. Interestingly, New York and more than 5 other states rank the highest in telehealth claims and usage.

This growth is not likely to last once restrictions let up - still, there is predicted to be a long-term impact from COVID on the way health care services are offered in the future, as well as how they may be priced.

Apart from telehealth, there are other trends to watch out for - mental health has been a big issue in recent times, exacerbated by the loneliness, depression, and fears brought on by COVID and related restrictions. In fact, FAIR Health’s study revealed that mental health claims make up about 44% of all claims today. Suicidal ideation has grown since the pandemic (resulting in governmental initiatives like 988).

The growth of these mental illness trends has not been matched by met needs for treatment. On the contrary, a significant portion of youths and adults are not receiving consistent treatment - or any help at all. If these individuals are the emerging workforce, companies big and small must be better equipped to adapt to the changing psychological as well as physical needs and concerns of their staff.

Standard benefits packages can’t work as a one-size-fits-all deal anymore - every job seeker is looking for a specific set of benefits that enable them to do their work better. Today, telehealth and mental health care are the trending benefits. Tomorrow, that might change.

Work with a partner like NY Small Health to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve in offering benefits your team actually want, and enjoy a more committed workforce (and a happier team).

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