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Care vs Career: The Benefit of Benefits

Working from home the past few months may be taking a toll on your physical, mental, and social well-being. Besides that, you may be struggling to keep up with the demands of taking care of your family’s needs while balancing your workload. There’s a few things that you can do avoid serious stress:

  1. Shift flexibility - Talk to your boss about altering your hours or telecommuting so your schedule becomes less stress-inducing.

  2. Employee assistance program (EAP) - Discuss your EAP options with your HR department/representative so they can understand whether your situation qualifies for any company benefits.

  3. Stress management - Maybe it’s time to suggest having some stress-busting activities in your office.

To top it off, one of the most stressful burdens of working and meeting your family’s needs is the financial concern of not having enough money when it really matters. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) give you a tax advantage to help you pay for health care and dependent care. How this works is you set aside some portion of your pre-tax salary in a type of account and that amount is deducted from your paycheck year-round (so your income tax inevitably reduces). The two types of FSAs that can help you in saving your money for caregiving needs are:

  1. Health care reimbursement FSAs can be used towards your deductible, copayments, and healthcare expenses like prescription drugs, dental costs, eyes glasses and contacts.

  2. Dependent care FSAs let you set your pre-tax dollars aside to pay for qualified dependent care (like the cost of nursery schools).

So let’s recap. FSAs are great when you need to pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, hearing, or dependent care expenses that are beyond what your insurance plan covers.

That’s not to belittle a good insurance policy. Health insurance coverage takes care of most of your healthcare needs, whether you’re an employee, a business-owner, or just someone who needs financial relief for huge medical bills.

NY Small Health specializes in finding the right kind of health insurance policy that fits within your budget, covers your unique healthcare needs, and provides dependable coverage. Ny Small Health works with companies like HealthFirst, to put your health first regardless of age, background, or income level. HealthFirst offers customized benefits that include dental and vision coverage, 24/7 telemedicine access, rewards for exercising, and even subsidized acupuncture for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Contact NY Small Health to outsource your health insurance shoppers to the pros - knowing the ins and outs of the business will allow them to find you the best deal in the market, at the best price.

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