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Choosing Telehealth: Why Employers Should Be Considering Virtual Health Benefits.

Amazon recently announced that it would be expanding its telehealth service, Amazon Care, from only its own employees to all employers and employees across the nation. While the combination of big tech and virtual health services poses several questions regarding the power and sway of Amazon in possibly influencing health policy (as it has with speech censorship recently), the use of telehealth services is definitely something to think about.

With the pandemic, a large portion of healthcare has been focused on mental health. In this case, as much as 60% of the care may be given or specifically requested for virtually. Being able to connect online through apps or online forums with medical professionals has become extremely handy during this time. It has been predicted that more than a quarter of ALL doctor visits will be virtual even after the economy reopens.

Virtual healthcare isn’t just great for employees. Employers have incentive to offer telehealth benefits as virtual visits may be less costly (and thus save your company money). As more and more companies like Amazon, Teladoc, Amwell, and Doctor on Demand start to provide virtual health services, the expensive telehealth industry will rapidly transform and become more accessible.

But is telehealth right for your small business? Do your employees value telehealth? Or do they prefer more coverage? These questions need the consultation of insurance experts like NY Small Health in determining the right benefits package for your small business that fits within your budget while providing exactly what your employees want. If this is your first time even considering offering benefits, NY Small Health works with Aetna to bring you Aetna’s Savings Plus Plans (which are a great choice for new businesses or ventures by having reduced rates and competing directly with Oxford Metro plans).

For more information on insurance benefits, group health coverage, or if you just need to talk to someone about how stressful insurance hunting is, get in touch with the passionate professionals at NY Small Health.

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