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Mental Health Trends in 2021

As long as the COVID-19 situation remains an issue, employers should remember to pay attention to employees’ mental health needs as the new remote workplace arrangements can increase the likelihood of anxiety, fatigue, and burnout.

Building a resilient workforce requires creating comfort in addressing and encouraging mental health issues, as the overall goal is to keep your team going through (and despite) uncertain times. This can be achieved by cultivating a work environment that reduces the mental health stigmas and encourages employees to seek help by offering mental health benefits.

Currently, 3 mental health trends are taking over the benefits marketplace:

1. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

You know your staff and their needs the best. Based on that knowledge, an EAP can be made to offer behavioral health counselling, mental health resources, therapist appointments, and employee education and evaluation services. By having an EAP that addresses mental health and lifestyle issues, you may be able to lower your healthcare and disability costs in the long run.

2. Telemental Health Coverage & Resources

Offering health insurance coverage for online therapy and providing virtual mental and emotional health resources like apps, videos, or articles can help your staff gain access to quick and affordable mental health providers from the comfort of their own homes. Telehealth services like these will be a trendy benefit long after this pandemic ends.

3. Caregiving Support

Whether it’s taking care of elderly parents and guardians or facing childcare responsibilities like homeschooling, COVID-19 has tipped the balance between work and life for most employees. This can lead to poor mental health and more stress for your team, so offering caregiving benefits can not only take a load off of your employees’ shoulders, but also improve their well-being.

Caregiving policies can include:

  • Paid leave solely for caregiving,

  • Paid family medical leave,

  • Enough sick or personal days,

  • Flexible work schedules, and

  • Leave-sharing programs that allow employees to donate their accumulated paid leave days to colleagues who really need extra time off.

Mental health insurance coverage and telehealth options are becoming hot topics in the field of insurance and benefits. NY Small Health works with companies like Oscar to provide small businesses in New York with simplified commercial health insurance plans - with a personal touch. Knowing what healthcare benefits your employees actually want can help your small business save money on healthcare costs in the long term.

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