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Stay Hygienic, Stay Healthy

One of the things that COVID-19 has reminded us of is that good hygiene contributes to good health. Cleanliness is an understated aspect of maintaining our physical and mental health. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee working from home temporarily or for the long-term, keeping your workspace clean will improve your own well-being, productivity, and lower your stress.

Two years ago, you probably never had to worry about how clean your workstation was - because a cleaning crew would typically have been hired to clean the office space every night. It’s unlikely that the same amount of time is spent cleaning your home office - and even if you do clean your space every day, it’s bound to be messier with friends, family, and pets (along with more food and drink).

To convert all that info into numbers: An average desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! And your keyboard and mouse are by far the. dirtiest. objects. on your desk.

But all is not lost; by following a few cleanliness tips and developing some good hygiene habits, your workspace can stay clean while ensuring you stay healthy:

  1. Keep the kitchen and office separate. You don’t want to cook while you’re working. The oils, grime, powders and curries can cause a tremendous mess - and you don’t want any of that mess on your work documents or laptop.

  2. Open your windows. Getting a healthy dose of fresh air will ensure you have enough O2, keep you feeling motivated, and connect you to nature without distracting you.

  3. Pets are therapeutic - but not if they’re always in your office. Fur and dander are things you get used to when you have dogs or cats, but they can mess up your workstation, distract you, and impact your productivity and focus. Keep your pets outside your office, but go to them at every break if you feel like it.

  4. Dust, wipe down, and declutter your office and workstation. Regularly dust and disinfect your keyboard, monitors, desk lamps, and all other surfaces. Take out the trash in your room daily, and utilize your drawers and shelves to store your hardware, stationery and papers. Throw out unnecessary junk - in the words of Marie Kondo, keep only what gives you (and your workspace) joy.

Health care starts with you first - you have the most control over your own health by taking precautionary measures to limit your exposure to health risks. But we know not everything is in our control, and things can happen at any point in time to anyone. For those moments, investing in health insurance for you, your family, and your employees will ensure that good health is treated as a priority, without leaving a hole in your pockets. At NY Small Health, our insurance experts work with companies like UnitedHealthcare to bring to you the best insurance policy terms and prices that New York has to offer (without any of the hassle).

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