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Staying Health Remotely: How to Get Your Staff Hooked Onto Telehealth Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven just how convenient telehealth services can be. According to a survey from FAIR Health, there was a 4,347% increase nationally in telehealth utilization from March 2019 to March 2020. In addition, many providers and hospitals are encouraging patients to utilize telehealth services instead of coming to the office or hospital for non-life-threatening care.

Here are the best ways you can promote telehealth services within your organization:

Educate employees on telehealth services.

This is the first step to ensuring you keep your team in the loop on all of the telehealth services available to them. Inform your staff about this newer type of healthcare services and provide easy-to-understand resources that explain what telehealth is, what it can and can’t be used for, and how your health plan incorporates these services.

It’s extremely important that you take this step to promote telehealth services among your team - some of your employees may be creatures of habit, meaning they may not be comfortable using telehealth services simply because they’ve never used or heard of them before.

Explain the benefits of telehealth services.

The best way to sell a product or service is to explain what a person can get from it, i.e., the product’s benefits to the customer. In this case, you’re trying to sell telehealth to your employees. Of course, there can be a lot of benefits to telehealth that particularly suit a certain employee’s needs and it can be daunting to figure out who needs what and why. But here’s a list of a few of its benefits to make your task easier and help you get started:

  • Minimized risk to health care workers and patients by limiting exposure to the coronavirus and other diseases

  • Increased services for chronic patient monitoring, follow-up visits, therapy appointments and post-operative care

  • Improved health care outcomes due to increased access to care, particularly for preventive services

  • Greater ability for patients to follow shelter-in-place restrictions or suggestions by staying home and away from hospitals, except for emergencies

  • Increased convenience due to receiving care in the comfort of your home

  • Potentially increased cost savings, depending on the health plan

Communicate telehealth’s role in keeping your staff healthy.

As previously mentioned, telehealth services can help employees stay healthy during flu season and the current COVID-19 “pandemic”. Let employees know that using these services can help them stay healthy and access convenient care during these uncertain times. Communication is key right now, so keep your team in the loop, let them know you’re there for them and that you care about their well-being, even if you don’t see each other as often anymore.

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