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Supporting the Well-Being of Remote Employees

If there’s just one takeaway from the hullabaloo of 2020, it’s the huge change in the way we now work. Working, studying, exercising, and entertaining from home has significantly impacted the landscape of our working habits. Small businesses, multinational enterprises, and even Hollywood have adopted the new reality of virtual social interactions in the formal setting.

But what does this do to the health and happiness of staff?

Remote employees reported loneliness as one of their biggest struggles - 21% said this was their #1 concern going forward.

If you own a small business, it’s common sense to look after the well-being of your team - the happier the employee, the better the productivity & customer service. Here’s a few more statistics to give you further insight on the importance of employee well-being:

  1. 33% of employees who report a corporate neglect of their well-being begin job-hunting within the next year - in contrast, only 8% of employees who are satisfied with company initiatives towards their well-being intend to job hunt.

  2. 87% of employees considered workforce well-being a major competitive advantage for companies.

  3. 79% of employees agreed that unhappiness negatively affects performance and productivity of the team.

In other words, if your small business effectively executes employee well-being initiatives, especially for today’s remote workforce, your organization’s bottom-line will improve. A few ways you can support your remote staff are by:

  • Engaging with your team through video calls, online conferences, and virtual events.

  • Supporting employee caregiving needs (ailing parents, children, and ill family members can be hard to balance alongside work, so be considerate).

  • Equipping managers with efficient communication systems and virtual meeting softwares.

  • Offering telehealth and mental health resources.

  • Promoting exercise and home office ergonomics.

Showing your team you care about their physical and mental needs will give them the extra “oomph” to stay positive and productive despite the chaos around us all. You can also discuss their benefits and insurance protection (because financial aid in any form would be very welcome as the global economy struggles to get back on its feet).

To learn more about how you can offer more/better financial protection to your employees and business, visit NY Small Health. Remember, neither you nor your staff are alone. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you conquer 2021.

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