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The New Era of Health Insurance: What You Deserve to Know

The 2021 Benefits Broker report created by DirectPath describes a bunch of ways employers can keep health care and benefits costs down despite and during the COVID-19 chaos. Their survey showed that 40% of the respondents either delayed or avoided medical care during the multiple lockdowns, for fear of contracting the virus. What does this mean for insurance now that the economy is finally opening up?

It means that consumers and employees are now more health literate than ever. They are comparing the costs of everything from arthroplasties to MRIs and colonoscopies, when just over a year ago, these same individuals did not know they could request for benefits communications material or compare treatment and service costs before receiving care!

Now, with the new transparency rules issued via the CAA bill (read about that bill here) you as an employer can reduce your company’s health insurance costs too. This is the era for increased healthcare knowledge on costs and services. Healthcare and insurance providers and consultants are embracing this shift by focusing more on customer satisfaction and offering innovative services to keep up with the demand.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out what health insurance providers best suit your company’s needs. For instance, if your company is located in New York City, Long Island, or mid/upstate New York, Empire would be your best bet since it’s one of the largest networks in the area. Their Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has a bunch of benefits, prices, and structures that could be well-tailored to your business, if you know what you’re looking for.

To learn more about what you need to do to keep your benefits costs down, look no further than New York Small Health - we cater to the insurance needs of small businesses by looking for the best plans available in the market, at the most affordable prices, and by offering comprehensive material and expert advice on benefits, health insurance, and more! For more information, visit the website or contact us today.

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