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Virtual Open Enrollment For Your Business

Enrolling for a health insurance plan that fits best to your needs is a task in itself. Now due to the Coronavirus, choosing a plan wisely can prove to be very anxiety provoking, especially since now your clients may be getting lower revenue flowing, travel restrictions and rising mental health issues as well. It is also not a good decision for organizations to let their staff work from the workplace if they can help it- to help slow the spread of the virus. Therefore, most organizations have gone online and this includes healthcare brokers.

Having a virtual open enrollment means that the clients get access to choose their healthcare plan in the comfort of their homes- with all the necessary education and details of all the benefits. In this way, your team will be protected and there are less resources used. It is the best thing you can do given these difficult times.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to have a successful virtual open enrollment:

  1. Ensure that the clients are being well informed about all the benefits and all their concerns about it must be addressed. Information about the benefits, available options, specifics of the plan etc. If they are not aware of terms, there must be a glossary or means for them to access what it means.

  2. Just as each open enrollment in an organization is different, your virtual enrollment must also be unique. You must decide what success means to your business. Speak to your clients to understand what they need and address their unique concerns.

  3. Provide the employees with all the information they may possibly need. Along with the enrollment guides and benefits listed out, you must also address any new concerns they may have pertaining to the current time or previous concerns your client may have had in the past.

  4. Make sure to treat your virtual enrollment site as the one-stop-shop for enrollment. A few things to ensure your website has are plan information, relevant benefits materials like enrollment guides, benefits summaries, insurance definitions, mandatory enrollment forms, disclosure documents and other important resources.

  5. Ensure your employees are well informed about the site. Provide detailed instructions to the employees and clients. They should outline the portal website, resources and steps for navigation around it. It would be easier to walk through this with video instructions or explain it to them via skype or zoom calls.

  6. Finally after the tour is done, ask your team for feedback about the session. Address their concerns and ask them what went well and what needs improvement.

2021 Enrollment begins in 3 weeks. If you need help preparing for it, talk to the team of insurance experts at NY Small Health. They will help you figure out your strategy for enrollment next year.

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