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What the New BA. 2 "Stealth" Variant Means for Employers

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The CDC recently issued a report suggesting that BA.2 - a new variant of Omnicron - is responsible for more than half of the current COVID-19 cases in the US. Their report states that this trend is likely to continue as the number of cases grows.

Health experts have also admitted that the BA.2 variant is only as severe as Omnicron (common cold or flu symptoms), albeit a little more transmissible. At the same time, they recommend primary vaccination and booster shots to protect against BA.2.

The BA.2 is apparently the most common variant globally today, according to the World Health Organization. It’s harder to track, giving it the nickname ‘stealth’ variant, and while there are few conflicting reports regarding its severity, the consensus is that the BA.2 variant’s potential for causing severe illness is relatively low. Plus, anyone who was previously infected by BA.1 or is vaccinated will have stronger immunity against this new variant.

The COVID-19 scenario is ever-evolving. So what should employers do to ensure a safe and healthy workplace that meets every employee’s needs? Here are a few tips:

  1. Stay updated about developments regarding the virus by monitoring guidance from local, state, and trusted sources.

  2. Maintain and encourage a healthy and hygienic workplace all-year round.

  3. Allow sick employees paid time off (if working in-person is necessary in your industry) to recover from their ailments.

  4. Provide adequate health insurance that will cover your team’s specific needs. (Small business health insurance can be a breeze when you work with an expert like NY Small Health.)

  5. Allow employees the option to continue wearing masks and take other precautions when dealing with colleagues or customers.

In short, keep doing what you’ve been doing the past couple of years. New variant, same protocols. But always ensure your employees are staying healthy and happy despite the chaos.

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