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What Your Employees Want: 3 Health Benefits Trends Emerging in 2022

Nothing screams global pandemic like the sudden emphasis on personal health, hygiene, and safety.

The modern workplace is no exception to the health and safety craze, with certain employers requiring staff to follow COVID-related protocols on the one hand, and employees or customers demanding companies to follow those protocols on the other.

What does all of this mean for company-sponsored health benefits? What perks are employees looking for in 2022? Let's take a quick look!

  1. Expanded mental health resources: It's 2022, but mental issues are still taboo, especially in the workplace. People don't want to talk about it, but it's definitely the elephant in the room. A survey by Calm suggested that with stress and anxiety shooting skyward due to home and work stressors, employees are looking for mental health benefits. 97% of workers want their employers to focus and improve employee mental health. 76% of employees critically evaluate new positions and job openings based on the mental health benefits.

Which benefits improve workplace mental health?

  • Mental health-related offerings like mental health insurance

  • Extensive telebehavioral healthcare, including telehealth and virtual mental health services

  • Robust EAPs (employee assistance programs)

  • Increased use of mental health apps

  1. Hybrid work-life balance: Apart from mental health, many remote and hybrid employees struggle to keep up their productivity. Burnout is a big problem, even for small businesses. The blurred boundaries between work and home can result in workers feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or just exhausted.

Which benefits aid employee burnout?

  • Comprehensive mental health resources and support

  • Higher schedule flexibility

  • Time off for mental health and recovery periods

  1. Financial wellness resources: Financial concerns and job insecurity are among the top concerns for almost everyone today. A recent CreditWise survey ranked finances as the top stressor for 73% of Americans. Employees prioritize specific financial goals such as maintaining an emergency fund, picking the right health insurance benefits, preparing for significant life events, and saving for retirement.

Which benefits offer financial wellness and support?

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Financial planning seminars and meetings

  • Workshops to support the financial goals of employes

  • Assistance in choosing suitable benefits packages and insurance plans.

NY Small Health offers a free web portal to aid employees in providing benefits-related information and answering all of their HR and health benefits questions. The company also partners with several reputed insurance providers which offer telehealth and mental health care services and insurance options to meet your employees where they're at.

Contact a friendly insurance expert to learn more!

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