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Aetna Health Insurance for small business ranks second to Oxford in delivering high-quality service and boasting an extensive network. 

Aetna Small Business insurance plans are accessible across all counties in New York. Like Oxford, Aetna Small Group Plans mandates a 60% enrollment rate among full-time employees after valid waivers for their Non-HMO plans.

​To search the MD network click here - Aetna Doctor Search 

In 2023, Aetna small business plans introduced its Saving Plus plans, designed to offer reduced rates and direct competition with the Oxford Metro plan. Aetna's Saving Plus Plans are an excellent choice, particularly for new businesses or ventures seeking to provide benefits for the first time. Suppose you are a new small business owner seeking guidance on your small business health insurance options. In that case, we can provide comprehensive information about the costs and benefits Aetna Health Insurance offers.

Notably, employees are eligible to utilize the Aetna national network, albeit with some special rules that apply.

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We are happy to answer any of your questions at NY Small Health.

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