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Oscar's low-cost health insurance NY collaborates with the LI Health Network Hospital system, Mount Sinai Hospital system, and Montefiore Hospital to provide healthcare coverage.

Oscar offers a high-tech concierge service to help you manage your medical needs efficiently.
Oscar's enrollment requirements stipulate a 51% participation rate after valid waivers.


Their coverage is accessible to small businesses in New York, encompassing Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

In 2023, Oscar presents some of the most competitively priced, fully insured plans in Nassau and Suffolk counties, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking affordable healthcare solutions.

​To search the MD network click here - Oscar Doctor Search 

You don’t need a referral to the specialist you want. You can talk to a Doctor from anywhere and get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy. Free and available 24/7 on the OSCAR app. Oscar is part of the Healthpass Private Exchange. 

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We are happy to answer any of your questions at NY Small Health.

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