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Oxford is considered the premier provider of New York small business insurance plans.

Great service and a superior doctor network has made Oxford the choice for health insurance for ¾ of NY employers.  Oxford offers three great networks - Freedom, Liberty and Metro. (Oxford is now aka United Healthcare)

​To search the MD network click here - Oxford Doctor Search 

2022 New York Small Group Oxford Products


The Freedom plan is the largest MD network in NY.


The Liberty network is more affordable and offers a cost saving insurance alternative.


The Metro network is smaller and much lower cost.

The Freedom and Liberty networks provide your employees national coverage through United Healthcare’s Choice Plus Network. Oxford provides health insurance options throughout the state, including in Downstate New York, the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, and the mid-to-upstate regions through Ulster and Sullivan county. Oxford has new participation requirements for Non-HMO plans. The rule states that 60% of the employees must participate after valid waivers. Liberty HMO plans will continue to have no participation requirements.

You can mix and match some Oxford plans to accommodate highly compensated employees with a buy-up option while still offering an affordable plan to the rank and file. If you think Oxford Health Insurance plans are right for your small business, we are happy to talk about the benefits and costs for your business.

EPO, PPO, HMO and HSA plans are available.  

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We are happy to answer any of your questions at NY Small Health.

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