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How to Successfully Implement Online Open Enrollment

Providing health benefits to your employees can be particularly difficult given the economic and health crises caused by the pandemic - but that’s exactly what makes health benefits offerings a vital attraction and retention tool. There are plenty of options available now to access these benefits safely and responsibly, one of them being virtual enrollment.

Virtual open enrollment is an ideal method to give your team access to essential and meaningful benefits without risking virus contraction. What’s more, virtual enrollment saves a whole lot of time and resources since it’s all done online. Here are a few tips to ensure your staff get the best experience out of the virtual enrollment process:

  1. Define what success means to your company. Virtual open enrollment varies by organization and company objectives. Get the most out of the online enrollment process by aligning your company’s goals with your enrollment objectives to better handle benefits concerns.

  2. Reach out to employees. Inform your team about their benefits and address their concerns regarding enrollment.

  3. Obtain ample benefits resources. Enrollment guides and benefits summaries are the bread and butter of any enrollment handout, but they should not be the only resources you have. You and your employees require comprehensive resources tailored to the above benefits concerns you’ve gathered so far - ask your insurance broker or provider to give you these resources.

  4. Draft clear enrollment instructions. A smooth enrollment process is tough enough to accomplish on its own. Unsurprisingly, it could prove to be completely impossible if your staff don’t know what to do, especially if they’re not used to virtual open enrollment. Before enrollment season begins, circulate detailed instructions to your team via email,, Zoom, or however else you communicate with them now.

In addition to the above tips, don’t forget to follow up with your staff about their enrollment experience. Ask them about what went well and what could have been better. This is crucial to ensuring your enrollment process is sustainable and will serve your company and team well for as long as needed.

The experts at NY Small Health can help you get started on the online enrollment process. Visit NY Small Health today all the resources you need to provide the best benefits to your team without compromising on their safety.

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