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Healthpass stands as a private benefit exchange exclusively designed for small businesses.

Within Healthpass, you can access various healthcare options, including EPO and HMO plans offered by Oxford and Empire Blue Cross. Through our private small business exchange, you can seamlessly provide your employees with the choice of Oxford or Empire Blue Cross health plans and various ancillary insurance options, such as dental and vision coverage, all conveniently consolidated into a single group bill.

We have a strategic solution for businesses that fall under the purview of ACA penalties due to having over 50 full-time equivalent employees. Consider pairing Healthpass with our Magnacare minimum-value PPO plans. This move can reduce your employees' contribution rates by half, ensuring compliance while minimizing the financial impact on your workforce."

Visit HealthPass to know more about the 3 benefit platforms that enable companies located in New York to make the best possible benefits decisions based on their needs.

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We are happy to answer any of your questions at NY Small Health.

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